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Hanging in There: Women in Sales Burn Out

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Graphing attitude, motivation and confidence for women in sales does not look so different than the stock market. Like stock market returns, the volatility, expectation, and emotional swings of serving in sales careers can take a toll on body and mind. However, for career and markets, sticking to your strategy and staying course has the potential of large rewards.*

Signs of Burn-out

  • Creativity declines
  • Impatience with process or clients
  • Sleepless nights
  • Change in attitude toward co-workers
  • Quality of work declining
  • Job searching

How Financial Planning Can Help

If you are facing burn-out, it is time to look at your options and make educated decisions. Setting aside time to address what you want from your income is just as important as expectations set forth by a company. Here are a few tips that may help:

  • Clarify money goals in relation to how it fits in with larger life plans
  • Analyze your financial data to understand options. Can I retire at age 50? Can I go part-time and spend more time with my kids or grandkids? Could I start a business? Can I move into a consultant role? If I work harder the next 5 years can I back off the next 10?
  • Review tax-saving strategies that can help near-term as well as through retirement
  • Develop a long-term investment management strategy that can help whether the swings

Sometimes burn-out is necessary for a renewed focus on career, like a bear market leading to a bull market. And sometimes it is a sign to explore your options. We are here to help clarify your goals and develop strategies that work in tough times and times of prosperity. Schedule an introductory conversation with Julia to see how we can help.

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